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Beyond Coal | The Sierra Club

Not only is coal burning responsible for one third of US carbon emissions—the main contributor to climate disruption—but it is also making us sick, leading to as many as 13,000 premature deaths every year and more than $100 billion in annual health costs. The Beyond Coal campaign’s main objective is to replace dirty coal with clean energy by mobilizing grassroots activists in local communities to advocate for the retirement of old and outdated coal plants and to prevent new coal plants from being built.

Beyond Coal Campaign Goals
  • Retiring one-third of the nation’s more than 500 coal plants by 2020
  • Replacing the majority of retired coal plants with clean energy solutions such as wind, solar, and geothermal
  • Keeping coal in the ground in places like Appalachia and Wyoming’s Powder River Basin

Coal | Earthjustice

Coal-fired power plants are the single biggest source of greenhouse gases in the United States, accounting for more than a third of all emissions. They also pollute our air and our water, causing and worsening respiratory illnesses like asthma, emphysema and bronchitis. To save our health and the health of our planet, we have to stop burning coal.

Earthjustice goals:

  • ADDRESSING WASTE AND EMISSIONS through litigation and advocacy that establishes and enforces national regulations for power plant waste like coal ash.
  • RETIRING DIRTY AND COSTLY COAL PLANTS through litigation that forces the retirement of the oldest and dirtiest plants, blocks the construction of new ones, and creates incentives for investing in clean, renewable sources of energy.
  • PREVENTING COAL EXPORTS through work to prevent the permitting of terminals that would ship mountains of coal overseas to be burned.
  • STOPPING EXTRACTION AND MINING through efforts to ban mountaintop removal mining and other extraction practices, to protect the health, air and water of local residents, and to send a signal to the coal industry that coal's time as an energy giant is nearly done.

The Center for Biological Diversity Climate Law Institute
The Center's Climate Law Institute was founded to unite programs in coordinated and ambitious strategies to protect wildlife, ecosystems and communities from the catastrophic dangers and damages of climate disruption.

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